Danae Dekker


Hi, I'm Danae and I create magical and ethereal music for games! I'm a composer and technical audio designer with a passion for musical and fantastical storytelling and I love to work on narrative and immersive games.

About me

🏳️‍⚧️ she/fae 🦋 /dah-NAY/
🎼 Composer and technical audio designer for games
🎮 Makes games at Audune Games
🎵 Composer for New Dawn Games
🧚🏻‍♀️ Likes alt fashion fairy aesthetics

Things I've worked on

Warden of the Woods

Warden of the Woods

You're the newly appointed guardian of the Fairy Forest! It's the easiest job in the world! Absolutely nothing can go wrong! Or so they say... Made for Ludum Dare 52.


Feyrune: Runic Clearing

An enchanting take on modernizing pixel art made by RunicPixels, featuring a 2D platforming experience in a fairy-esque fantasy world.

Rayman 2 HD

Rayman 2 HD

A modern remake of the classic 3D platformer from Ubisoft, made by passionate developers and hard working fans.

Invisible Wings

Invisible Wings: Chapter One

An interactive visual novel about helping Dawn, a young woman of faerie descent, with her first steps into loving and accepting who she is.

Fairy Lost

Fairy Lost

Explore a mysterious magical forest as a lost fairy on her way back home. Awarded 2nd place on music and sound effects at Global Game Jam NL.

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